Sunday, November 2, 2008

Almost Done!!!

its up for sale - here's some info:

A home we started building Mar 08 for Suzanne's mom, but now we are just going to sell it - in a fab neighborhood, and built like we build 'em out on Kiawah - its a really good deal. If you know anyone who would be interested, I can get a discount off commission if i can bring the buyer to the table.

And if you are a realtor, there is 2.5% available if you can bring me the buyer.
list price: $485,000
appraisal just received - in line with this price
4 BR, 4 BA (yes, each has its own!)
approx 2250 hsf
MLS#: 2829030

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proud of my Tiger Cub Scout!

Christopher has his Tiger Cub Badge! He got it along with the Outdoor Activity Award and the Leave No Trace Award at the year-end campout this month.... I think he really likes scouting, and it brings back good memories for me - seeing him working hard and enjoying the fun things they learn and do together.... this year, he got his Bobcat Badge, his Tiger Cub badge, the other awards, and first place in his den for the Pinewood Derby! Looking forward to next year - as part of the Wolf Den..... Go Christopher! We are proud of you!

Monday, May 26, 2008

5036 Coral Reef Drive

OK - some of you have been here is the house we are building - it used to be intended for Momma to move into, but good ol' Social Security isnt gonna fork over enough to her every month to make the payments. So, we are going to go ahead and sell it (prayers for that are coveted, by the way).
It is in a very nice neighborhood that backs up to ours.... St Johns Woods on Johns Island, SC. it is 4 brs, 4 full baths... and 2262 hsf.... it has a lot of little cool stuff in it - like we do out on Kiawah, but i didnt go overboard with them, bc i needed to keep the cost down.
It has been nice to do, since it helps me learn how to actully run a business (i have to do this through a separate company for a number of reasons).
So, if you know anyone who wants to move to Johns Island, let me know!!! ha
Here are some progress pictures from March 15th, when we started, until now.....

And here are some pictures from this weekend:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ode ta' Brett

OK, i hope he comes back, but assuming he doesn't...... i wrote this hopefully-not-too-hokey poem this morning..... between tears......

This morning woe and sorrow felt
Among the faithful fan -
A valiant warrior fallen short
Of what HAD to be God's plan!

Although for always, we shall say
"Your victory deserved"
A place in Canton and our love
For you, ALWAYS reserved

One step away from "one more time"
You leave us begging MORE!
But trust we do in you and so
Accept the choice you're for

Gratitude, joy, excitement...
Yes, these feelings all remain
To see you play another day
Would bring them all again

However, JOY for you is now
What we should long to see
The thought of rest for our great warrior
Warms this heart in me

God bless you Brett, you've played so well
Its hard to see you go
But joy I feel - this day is real
God has plans for you I know

As you step off the field of play
The story does not end
The great chapter, yes, is over
The conclusion now begins

What God has given to you
Is the chance to show to all
That He's graced you with much more
Than just how well you throw a ball

Your honesty, your strength, your joy
They all were given you
To use to better serve the God
Who GRACE instilled in you

Thank you, Brett... Your impact in this world is already greater than you might know. May God use you for even greater things yet to come.

My wonderful wife


So, without going too long without touting my wife and what she lets me do...... here is the first of many posts describing her greatness. :) Love you, Suzanne!!

This was the first sacrifice she made - in the most prominent spot in the living room. Behold Beer the Deer! - so named by Christopher when he was 4 years old.... "because beer rhymes with deer, and you LOVE beer, daddy!"

And then i started my Brett Favre Bobblehead collection - and it went right under Beer the Deer.

And here is a view of our foyer - now decorated with the signed picture of Brett praying in the locker room, as well as my latest kill up above the mirror.

Oh yeah, and by the way, she let us name our daughter after Brett Favre ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brett Favre - one step away from the superbowl!!!

Brett Favre is one win away from a third trip to the superbowl. This year, it was so improbable...... Mike McCarthy has coached the Packers well, and Brett's leadership and enthusiasm is so evident. I hope that this year's performance and the promise of most of the talent coming back again next year intact will woo brett into playing at least another year. I am so proud to be a Packers fan, and i love watching Brett play football. If he can lead the pack to two more wins and get his second superbowl victory over a much better patriots team than the first one he dfeated to win the crown, then i think many will consider him the best quarterback to play the game. He sure has had that label in my mind for quite a while.

I guess the way to best put it is "I identify with him. He's real." I've laughed with him when he's been happy. I've cried with him when he has gone through the personal crises of the last few years. He is a fan's player, and he is just REAL.

Anyway, if you arent rooting for anyone in the playoffs - if your team is gone already - ROOT FOR BRETT. Packers 37 Giants 14

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mike Huckabee

OK - I am indeed a supporter of Mike Huckabee for President. I am sure i disagree with him on some things - but i can tell that he is letting God lead him, which is enough for me in and of itself. I like his support of the fair tax, and i like his views on immigration and abortion. I wish he would be stronger in communicating his stand on immigration reform - that is so important to a lot of us, and i am waiting for someone to take that as a central focus of their campaign, instead of just a sidebar. Mike is a very good communicator, and he could influence a lot of people on the immigration issue.....

I would not consider voting for any of the democrats - the closest would be Joe Biden, but only because he seemed to be the only one who supported the war in any regard. Anyway, moot point now.

Out of the republicans, i like Duncan Hunter.... is he still in? cant remember. Anyway, Guiliani - i like his strong immigration policy, but nothing else. Mitt - too much pride and defensiveness for me.... plus i do believe his religion to be deceptive and secretive. I also like Fred Thompson.... just dont know enough about him.... Heard Alan Keyes jumped in! Cool - i like him too. who else.... oh - John McCain - i admire his service, but i do not agree with him on a few key things.

Anyway...... Huckabee.... then Keyes..... then Thompson..... then Hunter (if he hasnt dropped out yet)

thats where i am right now......

Welcome All

OK - never done this before - y'all post something good..... cuz i might not ever think of anything pertinent to say.