Monday, May 26, 2008

5036 Coral Reef Drive

OK - some of you have been here is the house we are building - it used to be intended for Momma to move into, but good ol' Social Security isnt gonna fork over enough to her every month to make the payments. So, we are going to go ahead and sell it (prayers for that are coveted, by the way).
It is in a very nice neighborhood that backs up to ours.... St Johns Woods on Johns Island, SC. it is 4 brs, 4 full baths... and 2262 hsf.... it has a lot of little cool stuff in it - like we do out on Kiawah, but i didnt go overboard with them, bc i needed to keep the cost down.
It has been nice to do, since it helps me learn how to actully run a business (i have to do this through a separate company for a number of reasons).
So, if you know anyone who wants to move to Johns Island, let me know!!! ha
Here are some progress pictures from March 15th, when we started, until now.....

And here are some pictures from this weekend:


Sara said...

yay! i'll take it! ;o)
i love how the wood inside is red ... nice!
i'm proud of you, bro!

Hrothgar said...

thanks sis! love u ;)
so you will really buy it? that's great. Now i can save on the realtor's commission.