Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proud of my Tiger Cub Scout!

Christopher has his Tiger Cub Badge! He got it along with the Outdoor Activity Award and the Leave No Trace Award at the year-end campout this month.... I think he really likes scouting, and it brings back good memories for me - seeing him working hard and enjoying the fun things they learn and do together.... this year, he got his Bobcat Badge, his Tiger Cub badge, the other awards, and first place in his den for the Pinewood Derby! Looking forward to next year - as part of the Wolf Den..... Go Christopher! We are proud of you!


Sara said...

Please pass this message on to Christopher ...

I'm so proud of you with all your badges! Love you!
Auntie Sara

Hrothgar said...

thanks for that comment about my badges. And I love you! from Christopher