Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keep an eye to the sky.

OK folks, Hurricane Season is about to heat up.
I am no expert prognosticator, but i do follow one long-term forecasting model in particular that gets updated every 6 hours and looks out 16 days into the future for the Atlantic Basin. It is one of the models that goes into NOAA and NHC predictions..... it is the GFS model... and it shows what looks to be a major storm forming and coming right on in - either entering the gulf, or raking our southeast coast. Keep an eye out on this - it has been pretty consistent over the last few days, and although it may not turn out to be as bad as it looks, it is definitely something to watch....

Here is the link to the GFS model:

Here is the picture from Day 14 (August 25) -

Just in case you need some direction as to Hurricane Preparedness - check out these links.

Live 5 News Hurricane Center


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